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Pool Register Address search will result in "no records found" until SixMaps is restored. Now restored.

5/11/18 , 6/11/18

Issue Certificate button available however certificate does not generate. Tech Team is working on the issue. Please forward problem addresses for troubleshooting. Now Fixed.

ALERT: Address not Found on Register?


Address not Found on Register?

The Pool Register relies on data from the NSW Spatial Services Address database. Please see the links below:


Please be aware that as local councils are responsible for property numbers, street names/types and suburb names under various legislation, your council may provide the address updates which feed into the SixMaps addresses.

If you are unable to find your address on SixMaps, it will also be unavailable on the Pool Register


You can contact Spatial Services for assistance to update your address via:


Community Title Pools

Spatial Services data is based on "land rates" property as defined by the Valuer General. Community title land does not fit that rateable definition.

 This means that the Swimming Pool Register, which utilises Spatial Services data, may not be able to be used to record the registration and compliance status of common area community title pools as the address may not be available.

The relevant council are required to keep a local register and council inspectors are still required to inspect these pools for compliance as part of their mandatory inspection program at least once every 3 years as legislated under the NSW Swimming Pools Act & Regulation.

Non-Approved Road Types


The NSW Addressing User Manual 6.10 (page 107) ROAD TYPES is a listing of the 52 road types (identifiers) that will return results when you enter the “street name” in the search field


There are however over 100 non-approved types (identifiers).

Examples include:

    • Beginning with “The”
    • Containing “of”
    • Circlet


The address search function struggles to recognise these abnormalities.

The workaround for these is to include the non approved type “identifier” with the “street name” in the search field (usually a no-no!)

For example instead of 'Wrexham' you would need to type 'Wrexham circlet'  

Will need to remember this tip when searching for an address with a road type not on the list.