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Pool Registration/Inspection/Certificate Issues

Address Validation 

This is the most common reason for existing registrations not being publicly viewable or not coming up in property search results.

"Note: The address details for this property could not be validated."

Council Super-Users can validate address changes in their LGA via the “edit address” button.

This will link the pool register property values with newer SixMaps values (address, property ID, address string OID, centre x/y, postcode, suburb, council). 

Check that address is sitting under correct council.

You may either see the message "Note: The address details for this property could not be validated."  or you may notice the address has a pre-merger council (or () no council still recorded against it.

If under your council - council superusers can validate via the edit address button function.

This may prompt you to choose a primary registration which will override other registrations at this address

If under an old or no council, the address will need to be validated by DCS via Feedback Widget (Suggestion/Lightbulb Tab: please include your contact details and the address or it will be anonymous/unable to follow-up)

If the address is diverting to another address it may require remediation of the addressing values. If you are a private pool inspector who encounters this issue please send via Feedback Widget (Lightbulb Tab: please include the old and new address and your  contact details or it will be anonymous/unable to follow-up)

Multiple Registrations – choosing Primary Registration

Find Address; Register > Property Actions > Property Search (LPI)  Select one as Primary Registration > Finish Review 

Multiple registrations can be made against a property until one registration is confirmed as the Primary registration.  

Once a Primary Registration is chosen, the others (non-primary) are archived.

Reviewed Registrations cannot be reversed. Once a registration is archived it becomes ready only and can no longer be inspected. The pools on these registrations cannot be deleted after review. 

Pools/Spas cannot be moved between registrations. The removal/deletion of a pool/spa cannot be reversed

You may see this message This pool has either been deleted or is from a registration that is not the primary registration for this property. Please review the property registrations using the link above.”  You can use the “back to property registrations” link

For reviews you will see this message ”There is no primary registration selected. Please review the following property registrations and select one as the primary record. Once selected, this will be the only record that can be edited from now on”

For archived pools you will see this message “This record is marked as read only, please go to Review Registrations page on primary property selection.”


Owners can add multiple pools/spas during the initial registration process via “Register Pool” Button.

Owners cannot add further pools/spas to their property once a registration has been completed.

This also applies if a previous pool registration has been removed or archived.

Under Legislation, council can charge a nominal fee to register on behalf of the owner. 

If the pool/spa is being inspected, the council inspector or private certifier may register it as part of their inspection process. This query is to be directed to them.

Council should validate all registrations in their LGA under their inspection program. This can be facilitated using the council report and remediating all non-primary registrations

AS 1926.1 version 1986 2007 2012 

This is now set as a required field for inspections and will be reflected on compliance and non-compliance certificates and in the council reports. 


Compliance Certificate not publicly viewable

Check if the pool status is currently “compliant but edited”

This means that either the property or pool details have been edited, which could in turn change the barrier requirements.

If you believe the edit has not changed which Australian Standard the barrier compliance needs to meet, there is a “mark still compliant” button, this will then remediate the status to certified again and make the certificate publicly viewable.

Inspected wrong Address / wrong inspection type

Please pay due diligence to your obligation to keep accurate records.

For addressing; the search engine will default to the closest available address, please be mindful of this before entering information into the register.

For inspections; please double check the inspection type and assessed fields.

DCS have recently upgraded the register to be able to remove incorrect records however account holders need to take reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of information they enter on the Register. We need to ensure that requests to remove inspections are administrative errors only.

Please send the remediation request to DCS via Feedback Widget (Suggestion Tab: please include your contact details or it will be anonymous/unable to follow-up)

Council Reports /Inspection Program

Council Super Users can download their council report. These can be requested every 8 days as they cache for a week. 

From this report they can track: non-primary registrations requiring review, multiple registrations requiring review, pool status to follow up on non-compliance/expired compliance, property & dwelling type to follow up on mandatory 3 yearly pool inspections, view last inspection for property and inspected by information ... and much much more