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Account holder Log in /Set up/Update


Lost or expired passwords can be requested via log in page link titled: If you have forgotten your password, we can send you a new one.

Private Pool Inspectors who were account holders prior to 7/12/20 need to use BPB prefix for password reset (to request the link and to change the password) and BDC prefix for log in afterwards. Account holders post 7/12/20 use BDC prefix for both

Username for council is work email address

Username for private certifier is BDC number lowercase: bdc1234 (changed from bpb prefix on 7/12/20)

Username for Automatic Mutual Recognition Inspector is their interstate licence number


Private Certifier Account

New Requests or edits to existing accounts can be forwarded to the Building Commission NSW Certifier Registration Team to verify your registration category and insurance requirements.

This includes any Automatic Mutual Recognition Inspectors. 

Council Account


Existing Council Super Users can add, approve, reset and deactivate Customer Service and Inspector account requests through user management function.

Requests for Council Super User application/deactivation can be forwarded via Feedback Widget Suggestion Tab from a Manager or an existing Super User including; 

           Full name of user/applicant

           Position title

           Contact telephone number/s

           Email address

           Authorisation from the General Manager of Council. 



If a private certifier will be working in the capacity as a council inspector, they will need a council account or council account holder to enter their inspections/issue their certificates - as the certificates contain issued by field and have different wording for council/private issue.

Email address changes require the old account to be deactivated and a new account to be approved - for council log in the email address is the username.