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Owner Can’t register another pool/spa on an existing registration

  • Use the "look up pool" function to check for an existing registration 
  • Owners can add multiple pools/spas during the initial registration process via “Register Pool” Button.
  • If an owner want to register multiple pools to the one property they need to add them together in the one registration.
  • This is noted on the registration screen: “I confirm that the information about each pool is correct. Note: Once you have completed registration you will not be able to make further changes.”

  •  Owners cannot add further pools/spas to their property once a registration has been completed.
  • This is noted on the registration summary page “you have already registered pools for this property. To change your registration you need to contact your council”

  •  If you try to register to the same address the link will keep cycling back to the address page.
  •    This also applies if a previous pool registration has been removed. This will show up as "No data available in table" when you search property registrations via the look up pool function.

  •  Owners cannot edit pools/spas details once a registration is completed.

  • The local council can register further pools for a small fee as noted in the legislation.
  •  If the pool/spa is being inspected, the council inspector or private certifier may register it as part of their inspection process. This query is to be directed to them.