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Missing Address / Address not Found on Register?


Can’t Find Address

Please double check the fields and do not add the identifier such as "road" "street" etc into the street name field or the postcode to the suburb field. 

The Pool Register relies on data from the NSW Spatial Services Address database.  If your address is not on SixMaps, it is not on the Pool Register

The register does not use Lot/Plan values for the address look up function. The register searches via property/street numbering. 

The search engine will default to the closest available address (which may not be the correct one), please be mindful of this before entering information into the register.

Until the address is updated, pool registration and inspection details/certificates cannot be recorded for that address.

As local councils are responsible for property numbers, street names and types and suburb names under various legislation, the local council usually provides address updates to the Valuer General for the primary purpose of Land Valuation (i.e. the ValNet system). This then feeds into Spatial Services.

Otherwise the council, the owner, or someone on their consented behalf, can contact Spatial Services for assistance to update the SIXMAPS address on the dataset by contacting  

Property Search Issue Causes 

If you see an error message: "address lookup server has not responded" OR "no matching records found" there is an error with SixMaps directly affecting the Pool Register. If we are aware of this, we will note it in the Help Tab "Register not working" link and await advice from Spatial Services .  

If the address is diverting to another address it may require remediation of the addressing values by the pool register administrators (not Spatial Services). Council can remediate addresses within their LGA, otherwise please send the old and new address via the lightbulb on the feedback widget for us to action.

If the address search keeps cycling, you are more than likely trying to register to a property with an existing registration. Please check via the "look up pool' function on the homepage.

If the address search flickers but doesn't respond this usually means one of the addressing values is missing. Please send the address to Spatial Services and ask them to check the database for any blank fields to be updated. 

Non-Approved Road Types

The workaround for these is to include the non approved type “identifier” with the “street name” in the search field (usually a no-no!)

The NSW Address Policy and User Manual Chapter 6 6.10 ROAD TYPES (pages 106-108) is a listing of the *identifiers that will return results when you enter the “street name” in the search field

There are however over 100 non-approved types (identifiers). Examples include: 

Beginning with “The”

Containing “of”


The address search function struggles to recognize these abnormalities.

For example, instead of 'Wrexham' you would need to type 'Wrexham circlet'